Medical Access Specialists

The Toolkit

Market Evaluation

Complete market assessment allowing you to launch with knowledge and confidence in order to gain maximum market penetration quickly and efficiently.

We map reimbursement and financing of existing technologies and understand financing and reimbursement options. These include, reimbursement coding, private insurance coverage, ‘out-of-pocket’ and other private routes to market.

Summary of value strategy that enables rapid market access:

  • Clinical Landscape Map: establishes standard clinical practice, guidelines, patient flows and market segments. Furthermore, identifies appropriate key opinion leaders to provide clinician support.
  • Estimation Of Market Size: based on local prevalence, interviews and market structure to establish the most appropriate business model and enable economic commercialisation by target market.
  • Price Setting: an estimation of potential market uptake and an estimation of price based on existing DRG, as well as the price of other, similar, technologies.
  • Identify Target Accounts: determines patient flows and opportunity for price premium. Evaluates impact of a new procedure on patient flows. Targets customer groups to create brand ambassadors.

Launch Strategies

We devise systematic market access strategies by country, backed with evidence, to build a successful business model. This enables the rapid and profitable commercialisation of products by target market. 

This includes:

  • Bespoke “go-to” market approaches.
  • Thoroughly developed, evaluated and validated sets of value arguments.
  • All local technical requirements to get reimbursed in target countries.
  • The correct steps to support formal reimbursement applications.
  • Sales force acquisition.
  • Distribution channels and logistics partner appointment.
  • Reporting and accounting structures.


Establishing a seamless supply chain is crucial to successful market access.

We have unrivalled knowledge of the best in class distribution hubs and channels. Using our global network of in-country managers we can give you access to efficient and reliable distribution so you can provide high-quality service right from the start.

Our team can design and implement bespoke distribution solutions if required and assist in financial management and all areas of stock control by country or region.